LIRIK : Sky Juice Coffee - Start Again

>> 10 February 2010

the rain is starting to fall down
but im still sitting here right on the ground
my tears r all droping all away
i wish dat u would say ure still in love w me
never thought ud take it dis far
now i understand dat u cant take it anymore
im sorry but pls come back to me

take it back from the start
inside of ur heart, ur broken heart

im reaching out without a sound
my pride falls to d floor again
inside of my mind, i search to find
your faithful love for me again
yes i hate d way i feel inside
cross my heart will never trust my heart
i know i need u in my life
then we'll start again

i hear those words u said to me
i see the way u look at me
ure haunted by the past
the past that brings u down
so just throw it all away again
dont stay away i know the fear u hold
inside i know whats weighing in ur soul
honey pls come back to me

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Anonymous,  2:37 PM, March 20, 2010  

this song is great,,

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