20 Most Extreme Female Bodies

>> 16 March 2011

nak bagitau dulu la. sumber asal yang diperolehi mengatakan post yang aku masukkan ni bertarikh februari 2010. segala rekod yang tercatat dalam ni lepas ni mungkin berdasarkan rekod pada masa tersebut yang bersamaan lebih setahun dari sekarang. huhu...

kepada lelaki single...kenapa still single? kurang pilihan kat mesia? atau awek mesia sudah ketandusan kesetiaan. atau masih tak jumpa ciri-ciri wanita yang diimpikan? ni ha...mungkin ada ciri-ciri awek yang korang nak. kat mesia tak de kot. paling dekat pun indon je la. huhu...

This post is about the 20 most extreme female bodies ever from largest to smallest, most longest, most shortest, most pierced, most loud, most old and so on. Lets start with number 1, Julia Gnuse, the most tattooed woman in the world. Enjoy!

1. The World's Most Tattooed Woman

Julia Gnuse, commonly known by the nickname 'The Illustrated Lady' born in 1959, has 95% of her body (including her face) covered in tattoos and holds the Guinness Record for being the most tattooed woman in the world. Gnuse was born with porphyria, a condition in which sunlight results in blistering of the skin. As the blisters often result in scarring, she began getting tattoos as a way to cover up the scars. However, the tattoos do not prevent the skin from blistering as they are purely aesthetic.

geli-geli...erm, tak minat!

2. Noorsyaidah, Metal Wires Growing in Body

Metal wires about 10-20 cm long grow from a woman's body! Childcare worker, Noorsyaidah, from Indonesia, claims metal wires have been growing out of her body for 20 years. Protruding from her chest and belly, they initially kept snapping off and disappearing then, a month later, they grew back and now continue to get longer and longer until Noorsyaidah's sister trims them.

wayar ni dah macam rambut dah. boleh lak nak kena trim bila panjang...erm, tak minat!

3. Old Dutch Woman Who Swallowed 78 Cutlery Items

Surgeons were flabbergasted when X-rays showed 78 items of cutlery in 52-year-old, Margaret Daalman's stomach. After seeing her scan the estate agent's secretary who had been complaining of belly ache, said: "I don't know why but I felt an urge to eat the silverware. I couldn't help myself."

nafsu makan yang pelik. berisiko tinggi gak ni...erm, tak minat!

4. Modified Madam La Negra With Horns, Tattoos, Scarification, Piercings and a Split Tongue

La Negra is a poster girl for modified madams. She has horns, tattoos, scarification, piercings and a split tongue. But, despite her appearance, the Argentinian mother-of-one meets with little disapproval from parents at the school gates and says she 'couldn't care less' what others think of her freaky fetish.

ni kot sebab lelaki gi cari bapok. bapok pun tak seram gini...erm, tak minat!

5. The World's Longest Hair

The world's longest documented hair belongs to Xie Qiuping from China at 5.627 m (18 ft 5.54 in) when measured on May 8, 2004. She has been growing her hair since 1973 from the age of 13 and has no plans to book into Vidal Sassoon for this season's pixie cut any time soon.

perbelanjaan bulanan akan meningkat sebab kos membeli syampoo dan penternakan kutu...erm, tak minat!

6. The World's Smallest Waist

Cathie Jung's waist is about the same size as a regular jar of mayonnaise (less than 15 in). The Connecticut housewife says she's been wearing a corset every day for the past 12 years and she now wears one 24 hours a day. "I probably have around 100 of them," she says. Eat your heart out Miss Von Teese.

potongan badan yang extreme...erm, tak minat!

7. The World's Longest Nails

Lee Redmond from the US, has not cut her nails since 1979, growing and carefully manicuring them to reach a total length of 8.65 m (28 ft 4.5 in) as measured on the set of Lo Show Dei Record in Spain on 23 February 2008. And, most bizarrely of all? She's a hairdresser!

mesti busuk bau cagu...erm, tak minat!

8. The World's Longest Tongue

German schoolgirl Annika Irmler has licked up a place in the Guinness Book of Records with her whopping seven centimetre tongue. She commented: "My friends always said I had an incredibly long tongue. I could make lots of money with it one day."

cam tak sedap je tu...erm, tak minat!

9. The World's Most Pierced

By August 9, 2001, Elaine Davidson from Edinburgh, had a record-breaking total of 720 piercings. She first broke the record in May 2000, when a Guinness World Records official examined her and found 462 piercings on various parts of her body, including 192 on her facial area alone.

gila...tak teransang lansung. erm, tak minat!

10. The World's Most Flexible

Norkulunga Buthelezi, otherwise known as the 'Snake Woman' is considered the most flexible woman in the world. Discovered on a Dutch talent show she is able to bend her spine backwards and wrap her legs around her head with the slithery grace of a cobra.

ada skill tapi boleh sakit pinggang nanti...erm, tak minat!

11. The World's Most Eye-popping

Kim Goodman from the US, can pop her eyeballs to a protrusion of 12 mm (0.47 in) beyond her eye sockets. Her eyes were measured in Istanbul, on November 2, 2007 and by far out distanced any of the male contenders. Is it just us or does anyone else feel a little ill looking at this?

jelingan yang boleh mengundang kerunsingan...erm, tak minat!

12. The World's Tallest Woman

Yao Defen of China, claims to be the tallest woman in the world, despite The Guinness Book of World Records recording American, Sandy Allen, under this title. The gentle giant weighs 200 kg (440 lbs), has size 26 (US) / 78 (EU) feet and stands at a towering 7' 9'' (236.2cm) tall.

rumah kena besar dan tinggi. payah-payah...erm, tak minat!

13. The World's Oldest Living Conjoined Twins

Abigail and Brittany Hensel, who have just celebrated their 18th birthday, are the oldest conjoined twins in the world. Despite sharing a body, they play volleyball and basketball, go swimming, even drive a car. It's not only amazing the girls can do so much but that they are here at all.

no privacy...erm, tak minat!

14. The World's Strongest Woman

South Korean weightlifting champion Jang Mi-ran battled with her size as a teenager but is now the world's strongest woman. Weighing in at 275lb, Jang won weightlifting gold at the Beijing Olympics in the super-heavyweight class with a series of record-setting lifts.

payah nak control gini...erm, tak minat!

15. The World's Most Powerful Lungs

Jill Drake, from Tenterden, Kent holds the world record for the loudest scream in the world. She only realised that she could scream so loudly when she visited the Millennium Dome where her yell got measured and she was suprised to find out that her screams were 129 decibels, louder than anyone else on earth.

cepat kantoi...erm, tak minat!

16. The Most Plastic Lady

Sarah Burge has been crowned the most plastic lady by Guinness Book of World Records. At 49 years old, Sarah has had over 100 cosmetic surgeries, which is apparently the most anyone has cared to admit to, and has spent $850,000 in her quest to turn back time. Formerly, Cindy Jackson was Guinness's pick for the most plastic surgeries performed on a person.

too materealistic. mahal-mahal...erm, tak minat!

17. The World's Smallest Woman

This is believed to be the world's smallest woman measuring just 79 cms tall at the age of 19. Zhu Haizhen, from China, has landed a place in the Guinness World Records as the tiniest living adult female, weighs just 10kg (22lbs).

too small. not my size...erm, tak minat!

18. The World's Oldest Mum

Omkari Panwar, 70, from India recently became the world's oldest mum giving birth to twins. "If I am the world's oldest mother it means nothing to me," she said. "I just want to see my new babies and care for them while I am still able."

sifat keibuan memang ada lagi tapi...erm, tak minat!

19. The World's Quickest Contortionist

Leslie Tipton earned her place in the Guinness Book of Records by becoming the fastest contortionist escaping from a zipped suitcase. In 2007, Leslie wiggled her way free from the confines of her baggage in just 13.31 seconds.

sukar dijejak ni...erm, tak minat!

20. The World's Fastest Mouth

Fran Capo is the world's fastest talking female at 603.32 words in 54.2 seconds. That's 11 words a second! Fran actually broke this record twice, the first time on the Larry King Live Show on March 5th, 1986 speaking 585 wpm and the second time at the Guinness Museum in Vegas. Phew!

boleh terbakor telinga kalau bebel ni...erm, tak minat!

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APAN dapat kat SINI!

apa macam? ada tak ciri-ciri yang dicari tu? aku sorang pun tak berkenan ngan ciri-ciri awek kat atas ni. rela single lagi setakat ni. huhu...

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